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Project Reflect, an endeavor by creative arts psychotherapists, is a way to bring the arts into classrooms in a curriculum designed to enhance emotional intelligence and encourage empathy, inclusivity and sensitivity in young minds.

What is Reflect

  • Reflect is a classroom based program that encourages empathy and sensitivity in children.
  • We endeavour to promote respect for each other, higher self-esteem, concentration, confidence and increasing empathy while reducing levels of stress, aggression, discrimination and bullying in schools.
  • Reflect also offers strategies for teachers to develop practical approaches towards communicative, healthy and expressive classrooms thereby enabling them to support children more effectively.
  • Overall, we look at developing a culture of wellness and emotional well being within schools.



How to Reflect

We offer a systemic customized and well-researched curriculum that provides non-judgmental, safe and exploratory spaces

  • The approach is centered on the creative arts therapies which combines the modalities of the arts with psychological / psychotherapeutic principles.
  • The program is designed in progressive segments, which are carefully assimilated taking into consideration our social, cultural and virtual world.
  • This approach has sound evidence based techniques that facilitate explorations of challenging themes in non-threatening and fun ways.
  • Reflect's curriculum supports an individual’s psychological well-being and enhances their Emotional Quotient (EQ) which helps to skillfully navigate the pressures of life.
  • All students are positively engaged instead of addressing only ‘difficult’ children so as to promote inclusivity.

Each session is facilitated by two qualified arts therapists / psychologists who help the children process and reflect on their internal journeys.

Why Reflect

Emotionally healthy schools develop a climate where everyone is valued, motivated and inspired to achieve. This climate develops social, emotional and behavioural skills that enhance learning. As only 7% of verbal communication is absorbed, much more is done through action and body language. Therefore we use the expressive arts, movement, gestures, drama, art and other modalities to help children in achieving emotional health in the most optimum way.

- As the students’ Emotional Quotient enhances, classroom management becomes easier.
- As the programme helps children cope with stress, it’s unlikely that they would make poor life style choices such as substance misuse, self-harming behaviours, social media addiction etc.
- The programme will promote the development of self-esteem and help the child maintain good levels of emotional health.
- As most adult success comes from emotional ability along with their cognitive ability, this programme will help in children’s achievement by raising their emotional intelligence.
- This programme helps in proactive strategies that promote positive behaviour, peaceful conflict resolution and mental health. This with the existing reactive strategies will equip the school in reducing challenging behaviour.

For Students:

  • Reflect enhances emotional literacy that helps in emotional regulation
  • Effective communication helps form meaningful relationships
  • Building on assertiveness, grit and resilience to survive the pressure of academic routines
  • Coping with stress, trauma and loss by increasing self awareness & using mindfulness practices
  • Decision making & problem solving through creative, critical & lateral thinking


For Parents

  • The programme allows the child to learn more authentic, expressive and successful ways of communicating with their parents
  • The increased emotional awareness and reduced stress reactivity will also help the parent and child bond.
  • Reflect aims to help parents create positive relationships with their children


Who we are?

Project Reflect was founded by Anshuma Kshetrapal and Preetha Ramasubramanian, who are leaders in the field of creative arts psychotherapy in India.

They conceptualized this program when they realized that more value can be added to the current school system, where in bullying, discrimination, behavioral issues and lack of sensitivity was being looked at from a reactive and corrective approach, rather than a preventive approach.

This lead them to address the larger issue of societal wellness and also felt that the right place to start are from the formation stage of such ideas, from schools, addressing children.

Both of them have decades of experience in working with children, in India and abroad and they understand the gaps when it comes to holistic wellness, emotional intelligence and mental health.

So instead of preventive methodologies, they derived a curriculum that addressed the root of the problem that will help the children look within and around them with enhanced emotional intelligence, empathy, sensitivity, a sense of inclusivity and kindness. This program seeks to bring in change in the emotional environment of the entire school through harnessing the non-threatening, exploratory, common language of the arts.

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